Hard Feelings

by The World Provider

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The World Provider's album from 2008. Includes some of the WP's greatest hits and popular favourites. Features Feist, Michael Feuerstack and members of The Besnard Lakes. With two bonus tracks from the long-out-of-print Lost Illusions EP (2006). Order the Hard Feelings Super Fun Activity Book for puzzles, jokes and cartoons to accompany the music (or vice-versa).


released November 13, 2008

Recorded and mixed by Jace Lasek and Dave Smith at Breakglass Studio, Montreal.
Mastered by Ryan Morey except "Soft Rocks" and "Creativity is Wonderful" mastered by Tim Hecker.



all rights reserved


The World Provider Montréal, Québec

The World Provider has been providing dirty synth rock, anthemic pop and theatrical spectacle to the masses since 1999.

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Track Name: Valentine (feat. Feist)
Burning down the reasons not to speak your mind
Turning with the seasons? Nothing of the kind!
Don't take it from me, do what you wanna do
Only check and see there's something in the deal for you.

Steaming hot relations, shots aimed at the heart
Feeling all the dealings, what a way to start!
Eking out a living tearing up the scene
Scheming with the demons streaming out of ol' Orleans.

The mystical, the magical, the faces yet unmade
A dollar sign arises, they all seem to fade

I'm happy walking down the loathsome avenue
The world is twice as round, the sky is twice as blue
The mountains turn to dust, the sun refuse to shine
Still I take a poison pen and turn it to a valentine.

Oh, filling up the heads, Ideas that bought the farm
Don't bring them around here, we don't give a darn
Every night I dream up ways to make you mine
Holding down the fort 'cause fortune turns on a dime.
Track Name: Flying Blind
Sweet mother of mine, it can't be as bad as you say
'Cause if it were, there would be no way for us to survive
As long as we're alive, we gotta push on.

Sweet woman of mine, oh does it all depend on me
I don't know why it's so hard to believe
I can't be understood,
I'm scared that I'm no good, I'm lost in the woods.

No one outside, no one alone
No one exiled to a zone
No us, no them, no one to blame
So why aren't we all the same?

Sweet friend of mine, lay another mix on me
'Cause I've been playing tricks on me
I'm in a cocoon,
I need a happy tune, my head's on the moon.

Sweet brother of mine, oh don't listen to what I say
I didn't mean to push you away
The words came out wrong
I can't seem to be strong the way I should
How could I lose all that good?

Flying blind, what can I do
In my mind, it's all about you
They're outside sharpening knives
So we must find the meaning of lives.
Track Name: The World's Biggest Assholes
Back in the days of '93
It was the end of history
To make a splash, it was enough
To cleverly reference other stuff
"So that's the way we'll plant our flag!"
When I think back, it makes me gag
Sure we were young, and it was fun
But we thought we were the only ones

Projects picked at random, plans long since abandoned
I was bright enough I guess, I just played dumb with all the rest.
But it was warm and sunny, I was only 20,
and I deny the hold you had on me.

Back in the days of '95
I went into hangoverdrive
The train I'd hitched my wagon to
Was bogging down in dragon poo
A sticky face from bubble burst
And fingers cut from mirror curse
It was all a put-on, they left and I was alone.

Win one for the losers, beggars can be choosers!
I can wipe the blackboard clean
There's no more room for words so mean.
And I can do it pronto - I come from Toronto -
so I deny the hold you had on me.
Track Name: I Got It All Wrong
Paragraphs in an unread story
Floating off the sorry page
Lifted up on a breeze that blows them off to a friendlier age
I took them inside, kept them alive in a wicker cage
I got it all wrong.

Fists in the face, knives in the back
Pains in the ass accumulate in stacks
Right up in my face, but still I couldn't see
Just another thing that everybody knows but me.

Never once did I doubt your passion
Everything I said was true
I just left out a few key details in my impression of you.
I was raised on a moral code, and I thought it would see me through,
but I got it all wrong.
Track Name: Happy Ending
I was alone and feeling sorry
You came along and killed my pain
You were the one who'd made me lonely
But you came right around again

I fell in love that time I saw you
Hanging outside the picture show
Gave me your number, said to call you
Made me feel a little "oh...."

La la la la, it's only normal
To be alarmed a such a change
Do do do do, let's get it started
Hey we got a lot to rearrange.

Sometimes the story's nice and simple
When a woman needs a man
You gave the tale a happy ending
Back before it all began.
Track Name: Volunteers
A libertine, but I don't know what it means.
She got started when she was only a teen.
And we called her names, and tried to make her feel ashamed
I guess she didn't listen though, because she did it all the same.

Now why would I? I guess it's just because:
There's nothing worse than a hypocrite, but that's what I was.
I wanted the candy, I couldn't enter the store
And so the mixed-up feelings, well they got that much more.

Nobody told me:
Take a pause and a look inside
You're causing shame where you could cause pride
Well it's been overdue for years
Let's give it up for the volunteers!

I don't know why we say the things we do.
I think that we should give medals, maybe a grant or two.
Well she's a zero to some, but she's a hero to me
For the community service she's giving out for free.

I gotta tell her:
Double standards still apply
21 centuries gone by?
There's nothing worse than a hypocrite
We gotta flip, tip, rip up shit!!!
Track Name: Hard Feelings
Everybody wants somebody to lay
So will you stay faithful or betray
Or will you be the one two-timed?
We all go to such great lengths just to come
We're all looking out for number one
And fucking around in the meantime

La la la....

We gave each other pleasure on that day
You blew me a kiss, went on your way
I'd never had it happen like that
When I saw you next, my hands were tied
I couldn't even look you in the eye
I wish I'd never hurt you like that.

La la la...
Track Name: Silver and Steel
In the court of mass opinion
It's an open-and-shut case
Push me off to the side, forget my face

In the margins of a footnote
Illegible scrawls unseen
Indicate my place in this little scene.

Who spiked the drink of the teetotaler?
Who's heding the call of the old yodeller?

I devised a whole new system
To impress the kids these days
But the fickle kids had moved on a ways

So I approached the tribal elders
But the elders weren't so keen
I'm the Rodney Dangerfield of the scene.

Who's building a ship out of silver and steel? (Me.)
Won't you come on board? I'll throw in love to sweeten the deal.

Come on, can't a fella get a little smile?
On the other side of your blinders,
there lies a world that only assholes revile.
We belong on top, with our names dropped,
and the fashion cops enforcing our style.

Who's coming along on a beach holiday? YOU!
It's the brightest hour of the darkest day
Now what do you say, hey whaddya say?
Track Name: C'est comme ça
Quand j'étais jeune, c'était un temps de grands changements
Et on sait bien que les enfants
Ont tous un caractère méchant
Alors pour moi c'était le tour des sentiments
Et moi qui avait à peine douze ans
Voulant ce dire, mais savant pas comment:

La vie est chiante, on n'est pas au cinéma
Et si moi j'ai honte, c'est simplement que j'savais même pas
Que c'est toujours comme ça

Partout autour du monde, les gens vivent sans espoir
Mais ça me donne aucun confort
Que d'autres ont pire que mon sort
Mais on est vivent, c'est quand même préférable à la mort
Et si c'est naïf, ou si j'ai tort
Faut continuer, il faut bien y croire

Pour toutes nos souffrances, les injustices inouïes
La seule récompense, c'est le savoir que c'est toujours ainsi,
que c'est comme ça la vie.
Track Name: Dealing With Difficult People
Ooh, they'll bid you adieu
Only to waltz back into your life when love is due
When love is due
Oh, you'll talk about it, think about it
Even raise a stink about it
It'll last as long as skies are blue.

Oh, you'll talk about it, think about it
Even when your brain's too crowded
Trying to do what no one else can do.
Track Name: Soft Rocks
A classy dame cast a spell on me
She put a man where a boy used to be
He sank into the Atlantic sea
Way down below

I took a sip and it tasted sweet
She took a bite and she knows how to eat
A red light, but I couldn't retreat
or say no

A cozy cave on a wet cold night
A shoulder shrug turns all wrong to all right
A little lift to the highest heights
when I was low

A solemn gaze in her eyes so deep
A gentle kiss as I drifted asleep
A little gift, was it one to keep
I'll never know
Track Name: Creativity is Wonderful
The sense of loss was so complete
I sat out in the yard staring at my feet
I saw them there, young and carefree
Basking in the sun underneath my tree

Alarm bells ring, they don't know anything
But does that stop them whining - well, what do you think?
When they're not making a fool out of me
They're scraping up the shadows of my feeble degree.

The world's so hard, it needs such a bard
A bunch of fucking assholes seem to hold all the cards
The party people are lost inside
Now how the hell are they ever gonna come alive?